Teaninich 1984

Highland single cask, single malt
Distilled June 1984
Casks #4899-4902 / 4908-4910

Whisky Magazine, Issue 132

Review by Joel – 9.2 POINTS
Nose: A ripe nose of peach, crepe suzette, blood orange, heather honey, Golden Syrup and freshly cut pine. A hint of agave syrup in there too.
Palate: Fantastically drinkable especially at the bottling strength of 40% ABV, the peach notes of the nose are turned up to 11, backed up by fluffy whipped cream, some strawberries and just a hint of light oak. Light like a grain but with the body of a malt.
Finish: Amazingly well balanced with white flower and cinnamon and apple doughnuts.
Comments: Wonderfull, fantastically, amazingly well made whisky. Well done. 

Review by Chris – 8.2 POINTS
Nose: Succulent aromas of barley, honey and plenty of apricot, pineapple and melon. Wonderfully aromatic and fruity with a touch of vanilla oak and some freshening citrus and herbal notes.
Palate: More milky, vanilla oak which has the gently tropical fruit and honey in a vice-like grip. A hint of citrus and minerality tries to balance.
Finish: Short and austere with a late juiciness. 

“Ooooooh, Nelly- we just love to try something a little lesser known. TEANINCH When we waved this under our beaks we couldn’t help but exclaiming, “Wow- this is different!” This straw colored spirit is robust, grassy, shows honey, bananas, along with earth and iodine. A real tour of flavors, for sure. Magnificent balance between the gentler floral and fruity notes and the earthy and iodine one. Yum! (Rating ****1/4)” 

Distillery Information

The Teaninich distillery was established in 1817 and is located just north of Inverness in the small village of Alness – also home to the Dalmore. Teaninich sources its water from the ‘Dairywell Spring’. Pronounced “Te-an-in-ick” this is a Northern Highlands malt, held in high regard by blenders – it is a malt within the Johnnie Walker blend and is used with the Drambuie liqueur. Teaninich received such a demand from blenders that the distillery had numerous upgrades over the years. In 1970 a new still house was built, known as “A Side” with the original distillery known as “B Side”. Both remained in production until the original distillery was mothballed in the 1980s. When the distillery reopened in 1991 only the “A Side” was utilised (holding 6 stills). The original distillery buildings were demolished in 1999. The predominant difference of the large Teaninich distillery is the use of the mash filter, as opposed to the traditional mash tun. The mash filter was installed in 2000. The Teaninich style is clean and spicy. Shows some sweetness on the palate with hints of fruit, cinnamon and a slight dry, moreish smokiness. Holds to a light, long finish.