Springbank 1965

75cl x 46% Volume
Campbeltown single cask, single malt
Distilled 1965 – Casks #1277-1296

Whisky Magazine, Issue 139

Review by Chris – 9.5 POINTS
Nose: Mature, gritty sherrywood, moist, dried prune, raisin and malt with hints of fish oils, salt and a sliver of creamy vanilla oak. Cedar, cigar smoke, coffee, tar and incense. 
Palate: Robust, typical Campbeltown gritty Oloroso character. Prune, rasin, walnut coffee with peat, fish and violets. Deep and mature with sweeter spice coated orange.
Finish: Utterly majestic with lingering Armagnac-esque dried fruit, violets and chocolaty tannins.
Comments: This can only come from one distillery in Scotland. Unique and stunning! 

Review by Joel – 9 POINTS
Nose: Red cherries, proper oag-age (few tannins, big flavour), suede jackets, warm sand and lightly charred pine on a dying fire. This is very well matured. 
Palate: The palate carries all the elements of the nose really well, with just a hint of cigar and some freshly chopped mint and basil to add to the mix. 
Finish: More vintage oak vanilla, cigar tobacco and classic cream soda.
Comments: Brilliant 

Malt Advocate Review Rating: 95

Review: John Hansell, Malt Advocate, November 2010
Jewels of Scotland (distilled at Springbank), 1965 vintage, 46%
“These Springers from the ’60s are getting rarer and quite expensive. This is a great example of why they are so coveted—clean, well matured, with no signs of excessive oak. Elegant sherried fruit dovetails nicely with the polished oak and a steady stream of dried spices. Look for citrus, nectarine, red licorice, coconut oil, ripe banana, and vanilla custard with warming cinnamon and brine. Warm, spicy finish. Very polished!” 

Distillery Information

Founded in 1828 the distillery lays claim to being the oldest family independent owned distillery in Scotland. Located east shore on the Mull of Kintyre, Springbank sees the whole process of whisky production taking place at the distillery. From malting its own barley, peat is cut by distillery staff, malt is dried on the kilning floor and the whisky is matured and bottled on-site. Water is sourced from the Crosshill Loch. The Springbank Distillery has never chill filtered or artificial colourings to its Single Malts. Springbank is regarded to be in a class of its own with a thick, rich and briny quality and a minimal iodine influence. Its character has a smoky, woody aroma and a flavour profile that hints of peat and other coastal influences. Develops beautifully to a full, well-balanced, rich and creamy finish. Using different distillation methods, the distillery does produce a heavier peated malt whisky called Longrow and a malt called Hazelburn. Springbank is a light-to-medium peated whisky.