Lochside 1981 – closed distillery

ex bourbon cask #612 @ 50% Volume Highland single cask, single malt

Whisky Magazine, Issue 138

Joel Harrison – Rated this Lochside with 92 Points
Nose: A fantastic nose of rich tropical fruits (guava, mango, pineapple and banana) there is also a slight fino element to the nose which gives it a grape-like element too.
Palate: Wonderful notes from the oak give hints of spice, clove and vanilla with the tropical fruit notes, particularly the mango, coming through later on.
Finish: There is a bitterness from the oak, suggesting it could have been bottled just a touch younger.
Comments: Almost brilliant, save for the astringent oak notes in the finish 

Lombard Tasting

Smoky nose with hints of toffee. Slippery-smooth palate and a real sugary rush. Big and very rich with a hot fruity finish. Lochside was a capricious malt. Regarded as Springbank of the east. It is dearly missed. Distillery closed 1991. 

Distillery Information

Lochside was initially established as a brewery in 1781. The name came from the site it stood on, a filled-in loch (Mary’s Loch). Lochside closed as a brewery in the early 1950s and in 1956 it was set up as a distillery producing both both grain and malt whisky – these were blended at birth, prior to maturation at the distillery. Water was sourced from an artesian well running beneath the distillery – due to its location by the sea there must have been a risk of drawing salt water. In 1973 Lochside was sold to a Spanish firm, who were looking for a good Scottish malt for blending. At the start of the 1990s Allied Distillers had taken over and they had plenty of capacity for use in the Spanish market. As a result production ceased at Lochside in 1992 and the contents of the bonded warehouse were shipped to Spain. The distillery was converted to residential living accommodation and the last landmark tower was bulldozed in 2005. Lochside was matured in bourbon casks and only sold as a Single Malt for 10 years before being sold off.