Bunnahabhain 1979 – sherrywood

70cl x 50% Volume
Islay single cask, single malt
Distilled 16th April 1979 – Cask #31

Lombard Tasting

Good, deep Sherry tones, with a rich full body. Silky mouthfeel leading to complex fruity undertones, suggestive of caramelised pear. Beautiful long, rolling, velvety finish. 

Distillery Information

Translation from Gaelic means “rivermouth”. Bunnahabhain (pronounce Bu-na-ha-venn) is a ‘gentle’ Islay malt and is a high output distillery. Established 1881 in a stunning location overlooking a narrow belt of water (the Sound of Islay) the distillery holds a magnificent view of Jura and its famous hills, the “Paps of Jura”. Bunnahabhain is the most northern Islay distillery and is just north from Port Askaig. Bunnahabhain operates with 4 large onion shaped stills and produces a soft, light style malt – this originates from the very lightly peated malted barley and lack of peat in the water. Bunnahabhain sources its spring water from the Margadale Spring where it is trapped after rising through limestone. The water is then transported by pipeline to the distillery, thus avoiding the water running through the peat-beds. The whisky shows floral, fruity tones and a distinct light oiliness. Bunnahabhain is unique to the other Islay malts. Held in high regard by blenders, the malt is used in the Famous Grouse and Black Bottle blends. Recommend as an aperitif.